Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oi, Meu Amor in... everywhere?

Oi, Meu Amor is going to be playing at Filmfest Oldenburg this month, which is the first time I'm ever screening at a major European fest.  They had me send them a poster.  This is what I sent:

It was kind of a last minute thing.

Also, the film will screen at the Milwaukee Film Fest and ITV Fest later this month. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The next 2 years

I've barely written a blog post in the last 6 months, and to those of you that check back regularly(yes, I can see your IP addresses!), I apologize.  For a while nothing was happening, then suddenly, a lot of things happened.  Oi, Meu Amor has been having what I would call a successful festival run; premiering at SXSW, then playing at the Florida Film Fest, BUFF, CUFF, deadCENTER, and Rooftop Films.  There are a couple more to announce, but it's all gravy at this point.  For a film that cost $25 to make, and looks like absolute shit from every visual standpoint, I think I was able to disprove a theory of my own that festivals really only care about films that are "filmy."  Yes, some of them do, and fuck those ones, but the ones that matter don't... and it's refreshing for me to be wrong.
At SXSW, Eilis Cahill gave me a kick in the patootsie when she came upon this idea that she wanted to shoot a couple shorts during a week in Cleveland.
It was the type of idealistic thinking that I thought I had lost, and while I was skeptical that we could pull it off at the time, we dug our feet in and killed that shit.  We made 2 shorts(on top of one I had already made earlier in the year), and I'm very proud of them both.  So, to Eilis, thank you for having the confidence in me and putting your money where your mouth is.  It meant a lot to me.  It also was a good exercise for me to partake in leading up to making my first feature... which we're doing now.  You read that right.

So, Mark Reeb, whom I had worked with on Where Does It Go From Here, and developed a close relationship with, stepped up to get MAD made.  We're going to be shooting in October, and we've roped in a lot of great people so far - Jennifer LaFleur and Eilis Cahill will be starring alongside Tony-Award Winner, Maryann Plunkett.  Also rounding out the cast are some of my favorite people, like Conor and Lyndon Casey, Shaun Weiss(whom I had met while filming a short I wrote, to be released this year), Mary Birdsong, Chris Doubek, Clare McNulty, and a few other people still in the works.  Another thing I'm really excited about, is that Jay Keitel is going to be shooting it.  I'm a fan of Jay's work on Sun Don't Shine, and I try to make a point of working with people I respect.  After shooting those shorts, I have full confidence that I'm absolutely going to CRUSH this feature.  It's a confidence that's been lacking for some time.  Actually, it's a confidence that I've never actually had, but rather feigned for a bit until I had no reason to even believe in it anymore.  Well, I've got it now, and it feels empowering.  I really feel as if I'm about to make some serious moves - more so than I ever have before.  The next 2 years, with the shorts and a feature on the horizon, have the potential to be really big.

If you were ever wondering about a time to keep a closer eye on what I'm doing, now is it.  Or you assholes can just keep on ignoring me.  Whatever works.
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