Thursday, January 5, 2012

Same shit, different year

There's a mighty large gorilla on my back, that only has gained weight as of the events that had transpired in December.

That once 500 pound gorilla has grown into fucking King Kong.

I'm still waiting on a premiere date for Mouthful. The longer I wait, the more anxious I become, compounded by the fact that I was so fucking close with Slamdance(see below). I feel if not there, then what if nowhere? I feel like people are starting to look at me like, "WTF?" In the face of rejection, people start to rationalize the "why" and start to lose faith in the film. That is my worst fear.

I'm taking this downtime to launch my next short. I already have my principle locked down, and a DP in negotiations. The producer I'm working with has set a budget, and I can officially say I'm taking a step up into the "big leagues" so to speak. Still looking for the actual dollars and cents though, which is really what I'm worried about. Perhaps I could shoot it on a bare-bones budget, but I want to continue moving forward, not take a step back.

Will this be the year I move forward in leaps and bounds? Or will I continue shuffling?

Stay tuned.

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