Monday, February 20, 2012

Delayed Reactions

I'm incredibly humbled, and can finally sleep soundly at night now - for the most part. Mouthful can be considered a success. Regardless of what happens from here on out, I have a self-satisfied feeling of accomplishment I'll carry around in my back pocket.

I've always wondered what goes on in the head of "those guys" - and now that I've found myself in a similar position, I can't quite articulate much more than "well, I do a lot more emailing now." I will say it's surreal, and that I feel very comfortable in moving forward with future projects knowing that someone out there maybe kinda digs what I'm trying to do.

Speaking of which, I'm still working on this new project. I really think it's a good fit for moving into something more "classically narrative", you know, with multiple locations, and actors and stuff. The question I'm facing now is do I try to raise the money to make the short first? Or do I rework the script into a feature now, that, while being more expensive, would be more lucrative for an investor to fund?

I guess a more earnest question would be, do I feel comfortable making the jump to feature filmmaking now? Which to answer that question, I'm not quite sure.

Back to Mouthful, I wanted to make note that I've looked into our program and it's pretty stacked. We're playing alongside a BAFTA Winner(starring Michael Fassbender), the PALM d'OR Runner Up, Dave Franco's foray into short filmmaking, and Sundance and Slamdance Alumni among other really really filmy-film type of movies.

Also, while I can't be sure of this, I think we're the youngest(or some of the youngest) filmmakers in competition this year.

I hope people don't look at us like "Those dumb kids - OF COURSE they would make a movie about dicks! For a second, I thought I had to take them seriously, but boy, I'm relieved I don't!"

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