Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back in the New Work Groove

Close enough..

SXSW was probably the best, most inspiring week I've had in a long time. And maybe ever. We attended 2 of Mouthful's screenings, and neither were relegated to the horrendous, worst case scenario boo-fests I had maybe envisioned. People responded well. Really well, in fact. Some attention was thrown my way, and now I feel empowered. Hopefully the networking, connections, and impressions I made will carry over and become sustainable.

I've KO'd my writers block and settled on a theme for a feature version of the short film I'm working on. I figured it would be good to have it up my sleeve in case someone asks me, "So what are you working on next?" I really hope that doesn't sound egocentric, but I guess I'm starting to get my cards in order to try and make a run at something approaching a "career."

Here is the brief synopsis:
Norm’s mom is dead, and after being involved in an accident at work, he is left with a broken arm and a tattered support system. His personal relationships start to deteriorate when he unassumingly begins filling the emotional gap left in the wake of his deceased mother - in the form of a combustible and strained co-dependence. Can he turn it around before his self-destructive, self-fulfilling behavior wreaks unrepairable social havoc?

Oh, and while at the fest, I may have acquired a very large chunk of the short film's budget(pending a script read) - and that's something to get excited about considering I was putting it off in fear of having to turn over too many jagged rocks. I'll still have to turn over a few, but I won't pull any muscles in doing so. I'll be re-teaming with both Conor and Eilis in one form or another, and that excites me too. Currently, I'm tightening up the script and in the polishing phase of rewrites, with production planned for November of this year.

Brief fest update as well, as Mouthful has been invited to screen in front of the closing night film, KLOVN, at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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