Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fest Updates

Mouthful treks on.  After a rough April, May has been good to us... we have 4 new fests to announce, including the international premiere!

At this point, I've moved on - the fate of this movie no longer has an impact in swaying my emotions one way or another.  Every fest we play from here on out is gravy.  Every rejection is only but a minor nag.  That being said, I'm pretty excited at our current slate of screenings coming up.

In June, we've been invited to screen alongside a few of my favorite SXSW shorts, including Noah Pritzker's Little Dad, at deadCENTER in OKC.  Lot's of solid programming at this one.  That same week we'll be making our International Premiere at CFC Worldwide Shorts in Toronto, which is a BIG fucking shorts fest(and another Academy Award Qualifying one to boot).

Further out we've been tapped to play Visionfest in NYC(also in June), and at the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, which because it's a continuous series screening films throughout the summer, I'm unsure exactly "when" as of now.

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